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Significant distinction for students and teachers of the 1st Geniko Lykeio Aigiou
The 1st Geniko Lykeio Aigiou won 1st prize in the "best scenario video" category in the Erasmus+ regional video creation competition on "30 Years of Erasmus So What? … Show What !!". The competition was co-organized by the Regional Directorate of Education of Western Greece and Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Western Greece for the school year 2017-18.
The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, at the "Socrates" amphitheater of the conference center of Western Greece TEI. Representatives of the State Scholarship Foundation (ERASMUS National Agency) were also present at the ceremony, in which the students and teachers participating in the program received their awards.
The video is titled "Many thanks to Erasmus + for our DREAM" and illustrates the impressions and experiences of students and teachers involved in the implementation of the Erasmus+ KA201 DREAM (Discover Real Everywhere Application of Maths) program on Mathematics in our everyday life, travelling in the framework of this project in Romania and Portugal.
Supervisors and students who took part in the creation of the video and were awarded:
Teachers: Potamitis Spyridon (Mathematics), Diamantopoulos Nikolaos (Informatics), Spanos Ilias (Informatics), Charitonidis Efstratios (Chemist), Brami Anastasia(English).
Students: Bodiotis Andreas, Kottas Georgios, Karatza Evangelia, Vogiatzi Aspasia, Papadopoulos Ioannis, Sakellari Ilianna, Graikiotou Antonia, Panagopoulos Panagiotis, Bouzou Efrosini and Skoura Dimitra.

You can watch the video on Youtube.